Appear on Google Map Pack through Local SEO for Jewelry Shops


Local SEO for Jewelry shops is becoming an important marketing activity. After all, when you can’t beat well-known Jewelry names in terms of popularity, then why not present yourself as the premier local resource for jewelry instead? In this case, there’s no better place for you than the Google map pack or the box that shows the top local jewelry shops in the area during a search activity.

Here’s how Google ranks your jewelry shop locally:

google map pack

a. Proximity

Who doesn’t love convenience nowadays? Google loves it, too. That’s why it tries to improve its users’ search experience by considering proximity or how near the search location is from your jewelry business.

b. Prominence

When the jewelry items or services you offer keep getting mentioned on various platforms on the worldwide web, it’s hard for Google not to notice it. For this reason, prominence is also a factor for local SEO for jewelry shops.

c. Relevance

Google likes to be helpful. When it identifies your content as something that serves its user’s intent, in other words relevant, it will not hesitate to include your site on its search results.  

How to Do Local SEO for Jewelry Shops

1. Verify Your Google My Business (GMB) Account       

More than prominence, Google considers proximity and relevance first as primary local SEO ranking factors. Because of this, setting up your jewelry shop’s Google My Business account is a must.

Once you have your GMB account, verify that basic details on your profile such as your business name, address, and phone number or your NAP listings are accurate so Google immediately recognizes your shop on local search activities.

2. Study the Market    

Conduct research to get a feel of your market and get to know your target customers better. Thorough market research helps you produce valuable content for your customers that eventually leads to a sale.

Likewise, surveying the market in advance saves time and resources since you already have an idea of which direction you are headed and where to allocate your local SEO efforts.

3. Keyword is the Key on Local SEO for Jewelry

Apply what you have gathered from your market research to produce high-quality keywords that rank high on search activities. On this note, we highly recommend you invest in organic terms and use jewelry industry jargon sparingly (with Earth language translation, of course, for better understandability).

We couldn’t also stress enough how Google rewards relevant and valuable content. So, choose your keywords wisely and use those that are most relevant to the target market.   

4. Utilize Free SEO Tools

Take advantage of Free SEO tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console.

Google Analytics works like your market research assistant, briefing you on what kinds of people visit your site, what types of links get the most impressions, etc. On the other hand, Google Search Console is like your backend control room, allowing you to modify how your jewelry shop appears on Google search results.

Both of these tools are useful for local SEO for jewelry shops. More importantly, they are free.

5. Observe On-Page Local SEO

If there’s a thing or two that you could control in terms of search engine optimization, it’s your SEO tactics on your website. Therefore, to be visible on the google map pack during a local search, you must keep tabs on the best on-page local SEO strategies and apply it accordingly.

On-page local SEO for jewelry shops can include keyword usage or how keywords appear on your website. It could also involve formatting headings, subheadings, and links for SEO purposes.      

6. Link Back to Your Page

While on-page SEO is vital, off-page SEO or what others say about your jewelry business outside your online page is equally important.

For this reason, verify that your NAP listings appearing outside your page are correct. See to it as well that other websites, especially authority pages, put good words about your jewelry store. If possible, ensure these places provide links to your site, so potential clients easily find you.     

7. Review Your Local SEO Strategies

Nobody is perfect, and neither are your Local SEO strategies. The good news is you could constantly audit and check what has gone wrong with your SEO efforts through site checks.

SEO audits are not that hard for as long as you have a checklist. There are also free tools that allow you to perform SEO audit on your own. For instance, there is a tool where you could check broken URLs on your page as well as your site’s loading speed.

8. Provide the Best User Search Experience

Create high-quality content that your potential clients will love, and Google will love you back. And by high-quality content, we mean something that is useful and provides value.

Perhaps, you could provide a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page regarding the proper way of storing jewelry, how to distinguish diamond cuts, so on and so forth.

You may also upload jewelry guides and whatnots for every occasion. The choices are limitless, but the key to landing on the Google map pack always rests on providing the best search experience to your customers.             

9. Invest in Great Photos

More than local SEO ranking factors, jewelry businesses should invest in something that meets the eye. Pictures, pictures, and more pictures— are what attract potential buyers to check out your store.

And while you’re bringing out the exquisiteness of jewelry through a photo, don’t forget local SEO rules still apply in photos. (Yes, SEO never ends!)


Local SEO for Jewelry Shops is not an easy feat. However, once you understand how local SEO works and why the Google map pack is essential, you’ll be surprised at how local SEO helps grow your business.

Suppose you’re not sure how to go around local SEO but want to start on the right foot. You may also consult your friendly digital marketing expert for an SEO assessment.