How To SEO A Jewelry Website For The 2021 Google Update


How To SEO A Jewelry Website For The 2021 Google Update

It seems like your Instagram and Facebook newsfeeds are not the only things to watch out for anymore.

In the latter part of June 2021, the world’s most extensive search engine company also announced some big news.

A Google update will be rolled out! And everyone, including jewelry retailers, is affected.

What exactly are Google Updates?

Simply put, Google updates are the Search Engine’s modifications to its algorithms or the technology that makes it a better place for searching.

Now, you might argue. Why should your jewelry business care about these updates? It’s not like you’re a software engineer or a tech person. You’re just a jeweler trying to sell your products online.

Precisely the point! You’re selling jewelry online—meaning using Google is inevitable.

As a jewelry business owner, you’ll want extra exposure to increase sales. Because of this, you have to keep abreast of the latest Google updates as well.

So, what’s the Major Google update that will change SEO this 2021? 

Ah, the million-dollar question I thought you’ll never ask! 

Google has recently introduced an algorithm update called Page Experience. 

As its name suggests, Page Experience scores your site’s ranking by measuring the experience your site’s visitors have when they go visit your page. 

Since experience could be subjective, the Google Page Experience tries to quantify it using Core Web Vitals. 

Core web vitals are technically a set of performance measures that accounts for the stability of the loading, interactivity, and visual graphics of any website. 

How do you improve Core Web Vitals for Search Engine Optimization?

 While Core Web Vitals may seem intimidating, assessing and improving these vitals are not! Google already got the groundwork covered with console links and tools that we could use for the evaluation process.

Below are the things you should consider if you want to have stable Core Web Vitals and better search engine scores:

  • Faster Loading Speed

Google continues to highlight loading speed as part of its algorithm update. The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is the performance metric used for measuring loading speed based on a website’s content.

There are several online tools used to check LCP. Regardless, website developers should always be mindful of image formats since these are perceived to have a direct effect on improving the LCP score of your jewelry shop.

  • Mobile-Friendliness

With the help of a Google mobile-friendliness checker, you could now quickly determine whether your site is mobile-friendly or not.

But why do you need to check the mobile-friendliness of your jewelry store website matters? Aren’t all websites the same?

That’s precisely why! Websites look different on various platforms and devices. So, your website should have a flexible design and setup that are compatible across all devices.

Didn’t pass the Google test? No worries! You can always check the loading time or increase your site’s font size and do better next time.

  • Safety of Browsing Activities

Google also assesses whether you have a hacked content and whether there’s some nasty malware lurking behind the curtains. If you’re curious whether your site has malware and security breaches, all you have to do is to generate a Securities Issue Report on Google console.

Aside from malware, your site could also be affected by social engineering. If you do not know what social engineering is, maybe you have heard about phishing before.

Phishing is just one of many examples of social engineering website attacks. This is a fraudulent activity where hackers deceive website visitors into disclosing their private information by cloning a website interface. While we can’t always avoid website attacks, regular security checks through Google Console can help us prevent them.

In case the Console detects something terrible, don’t panic. Google console is designed to see all sorts of issues. So instead of getting intimidated, address your jewelry site issues head-on to contain further damages to your online store.

  • Inclusion of HTTPS in Your Jewelry Site 

HTTPS, which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, is a safety feature that safeguards the confidentiality and integrity of the data in your website.

Think of HTTPS as a gate pass or ID which your site presents to Google, so the latter opens your website.

There are many ways to include HTTPS on your jewelry store website.  Start by getting a security certificate from an authorized organization to verify your company’s identity.

Usually, there are options to buy security certificates from your web hosting company. But, you may also refer to other reputable agencies that can cater to your needs.

While you’re at it, you may also contemplate what kind of certificate will work best for your jewelry store. For example, you may choose from single, multi-domain, or wildcard certificates.

  • Absence of Intrusive Interstitials

Interstitials are those advertisements that appear on your screen prompting you to do something (either it asks you to click enter or close the dialogue box)

In earth language, intrusive interstitials are simply pop-up ads. You know, those annoying ads which block your whole screen if you don’t take action.

Using interstitials can be a hit-or-miss thing. Either visitors find it quirky or pesky. So if you’re currently using these pop-up ads, we advise you to review them thoroughly and observe some practical tips.

For instance, your pop-up ads shouldn’t open on another window. Meanwhile,  when loading your website on mobile devices, your pop-up ads should not cover your site’s content. In that case, consider using banners instead as this may hurt your SEO score badly.

There are many ways of using interstitials to your advantage. If you’re not sure how to do it, follow your instincts (OR you could always schedule an appointment with us for more guidance)


Google Page Experience is a game-changer when it comes to SEO. But, as with other things, give yourself time to get familiar with this latest update.

If SEO seems daunting for you, you can always share the burden. Work with SEO professionals and get RESULTS!